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Best 3 Inspirational stories for Inspire your self

3 Best Inspirational stories

Abandon laziness

Three brothers lived in a house in a big city.  Like this, all three lived together, but all three had nothing to do with each other’s happiness and sorrow.  All three were lost in their own world, they did not care about anyone else.  Suddenly one day at midnight the younger brother’s child woke up and started crying loudly.  He complained of severe head ache.

Due to the night being over, all the drug shops were closed.  There was no medicine at home either.  Both the parents of that child tried to entertain and silence her in their own way, but all their efforts went in vain.  He was still crying.  All the brothers got up on hearing the child’s voice but no one came forward to help him.

There was a hut in front of the house of the three brothers.  In it, a middle-aged woman was sleeping tiredly.  Suddenly he heard the cry of the child.  But he was not even willing to open his eyes, but he thought that if the child gets relief from pain then everyone will be able to sleep peacefully.  He immediately shunned laziness and gave voice to the child’s mother – the child is crying due to cold.  Take this brew.  He will get relief from headache after drinking it.

Hearing the voice of the old lady, the child’s mother went to the old lady and hesitantly took the decoction from there and gave her child drink.  A few moments after drinking the decoction, the child got relief from pain and everyone along with the child slept in peace.

Education / Moral: – From this story, it is taught that only one can be helped by abandoning laziness.  This life is very small, we should not spend it in laziness but should make good use of this life and also we should not forget the virtue of philanthropy, whenever there is a chance of philanthropy, we should do whatever we can to help ourselves.

Secret of happiness

A rich businessman named Vijay lived in a city.  That person had a lot of money.  One day he gifted a necklace worth crores of rupees to his wife Anju, due to which his wife Anju was very fond of that necklace.

Once both of them set out on a pilgrimage.  While walking in the pilgrimage, he reached a shrine where suddenly a naughty monkey took Anju’s necklace and hanged it in the twig of a tall tree.

Anju tried to remove that necklace, but she failed and upon seeing it, more people started trying to remove that necklace.  But they too were unable to remove the necklace.

Suddenly people felt that the monkey dropped that necklace down into the dirty drain.  Some people jumped into the drain to remove that necklace.  Just then, a Guru passing by was surprised to see all this.

When he looked closely, he found that the necklace that people have jumped in the drain to get, the necklace is still hanging in the tree.

He told those people that what you are trying to get in a drain, it is just a shadow of that.  The real thing is still hanging from the tree.  Seeing all this, those people got frustrated.

Education / Moral: – The lesson of this story is that we keep finding happiness in the outside things and want to keep ourselves happy with those things, but these external things can give us a momentary happiness but only then we can get real happiness  Meets when our conscience is happy.  So to get happiness, look inside yourself instead of external things.

Learn from difficulties

A man was returning from the city with his donkey.  He accidentally fell straight into a deep gash due to a slipping donkey leg.

The person tried his best to get him out, but he could not get that donkey out.

When the person felt that it was now impossible to remove his donkey from that pit, he thought of covering it with soil and he started putting soil above it.

After laying the soil for a long time, the man went to his house nearby.

But due to putting a lot of soil, that donkey with the help of the fallen soil, slowly put his foot on it and got alive on that stronghold.

The next day, when the person woke up in the morning, he saw his donkey standing outside his house.  Seeing this charisma, that person was stunned.

Education / Moral: – This story teaches us that we should never give up and keep trying again and again.


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