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Best Heartouching short Love stories

Best Heartouching  short Love stories

Heartouching Love stories

Girl courage

A man had 3 sons and 1 daughter and lived abroad – once his mother was very ill Sirius, his father called his first son – son, your mother is very sick, come soon, son said Papa, I was training for 3 years  , Please call them both brothers, then the father phoned his second son, then he said that my wife Pregnent Hayman cannot come, you call the two brothers and call them, then  If I called my third son, he said that I have only 3 months left to come to INDIA, then you will please call me and take both of those brothers, the father was crying.  He could not come to see his mother, he could not handle himself, he then phoned his daughter and told her about the mother said, Father, you should take care of yourself.  And my husband is just getting there from the first flight, don’t take tension, father – what will happen to your husband’s business on your son ??? Daughter – what father is more important than homemaking talking like this right now ????  Just you take care of yourself. I also pray for my mother. God will heal the mother soon. All the better, Papa … Take care… .The father has started thinking that today’s son asks for his son, not today.  They took loan for the arrival of Manakiajin who we are paying installments and daughter whom we have never given respect to, we have given up all our work, not caring about her work and business with her husband, coming to her mother just for the mother’s father.  People wish for Jobete, in every trouble, only daughters get time…!

 Those beautiful days…

Friends!  This is a true story of my love life, which gave me a person for whom I was ready to do anything.  Which went to the depths of my heart, for which I did not even look at anyone else!  Hamdono’s tuning was so good that, if one had a problem, the other could find it!  This was a telepathy from Hamdono!  We both loved each other very much, but luck may not have supported me.

The point is when I started a business in partnership with a friend of mine.  This is from 2004.  In the evening, I used to have a lot of time, so I kept surfing or chatting on the net, at the same time, once I got a connection with a girl who was a widow, 5 years younger than me, and a 2-year-old child.  Was also the mother of

Now we both started talking on the phone, one day he asked me if I knew about him, I said yes, she is a widow and mother of a child.  When asked if I did not mind, I said that all these things do not bother me!  Because you did not do all this intentionally, it has happened on your own, then the punishment that you are a widow, why should you get it?  He liked this thing so much that his respect for me increased.  And now we both started talking on the phone for long hours!

A lot of time passed, one day she told me that she has started loving me (while I had shown her my photograph, but she had not shown her photo yet).  By saying this much, I said that I like to talk to her, and I have a lot of room in her heart, but I do not love.  On her insistence that, I love her too, I said, “Yes I love you to me”, but these words did not come from the heart.  I told him, the day I will fall in love with him, I will tell myself and in that voice, with that feeling.  And that would be the sound emanating from my heart.

The conversation continued between the two of us, one day while Hamdono was talking, his son came, and started harassing him.  He told me that, it is very annoying, she wants him to sleep, because he has to go to school tomorrow morning.  I told him to give him a phone, as soon as he gave his phone, I started talking to him in the voice of the child and then slowly said something to the child, and within 2 minutes that child went to sleep.  He asked me, what magic did I do?  I said that I love children very much, it is just a matter between us (children and me).  And now our conversation started again on the phone.

One night that child again started making a lot of noise, so at my behest he gave the phone to the child.  As soon as I said hello, what did that child say (Papa, when did you commission?), He shook me, and I could not sleep for 10 days, those words kept echoing in my ears.  And that’s why I fell in love with that girl.

Now we both talked on the phone every day, I used to know something before it happened, and if I had anything, I would have known it!  Hamdono was in love now.  I was ready to do anything for him!  Then one day I went to her city, met her, she was really beautiful.

She came to my hotel room with her child, I adopted her baby, had fun with her, gave her a big teddi and she was cool with it.  She was sitting close to me, Hamdano was looking at the child holding each other’s hand!  He gave me a hug, I loved it.  We both kept talking with each other in the hotel room for a long time.  What is love, perhaps that day I came to know that, when you love someone with a genuine heart, do not get excited by touching and touching it, it was a true love.

Today Hamdono is different, because she could not come in my life, she had some compulsions, I can understand.  But I still cannot forget his son’s words!  This love of ours was a true love, in which there was no lust for work!  We both used to talk on the phone for hours, this sequence lasted for about one and a half years!  But I still miss him very much today!

 Valentine’s story

The society of Europe (and America) believes in the Kept, not in wives, in Europe and America you hardly find any man or woman who is married, who has a relationship with a man or a woman.  It has been a tradition of not one or two thousand years.  You must have heard a word “Live in Relationship”, this word is going on in the neo-elite category in our country today, it means “living like a husband and wife without marriage”.  So here, in Europe and America, this tradition continues even today, Plato himself (a European philosopher) did not have a relationship with a woman, Plato wrote that “I have a relationship with 20-22 women”.  It is said, Dekarte also says the same, and Rousseau has written in his autobiography that “living with a woman is never possible, it’s Highly Impossible”.  So there is nothing like a wife.  And all these great philosophers say that “there is no soul in a woman” “Women are like a table and a chair, when the mind is filled with the old, then the old is removed and brought to the new”.  So in Europe, some people came out in Europe who opposed these things and commented strongly on these living systems.  One of those few people was one such European person who was born about 1500 years ago, his name was – Valentine.  And this is the story of 478 AD (after death), that is, after Isha’s death.

The great man named Valentin said that “We (Europeans) who have physical relationships like dogs, like animals, it is not good, it causes veneral diseases, improve them.”  , Stay with a husband and a wife, get married, start physical relationships only after that. “He used to say such things and he used to teach all these things to the people, who told him,  Used to come  His speech was that moves periodically in Rome |  Incidentally, when he became the priest of the church, he used to tell everyone who came to the church, then people used to ask him where did this virus enter from you, it is not anywhere in our Europe, then he used to say that “nowadays  I am studying Indian civilization and philosophy, and I think it is perfect, and that’s why I want you guys to believe it “, then some people believed their words, then those who believed their words,  Their wedding  He had made the offer in the church and married a couple he did not find |  Claudius was the king of Rome at the time when Valentin happened, you can put him in the category of Chakravarti Emperor.  Claudius said that “this man is – valentine, it is spoiling the tradition of our Europe, we are a people without marriage, people who are full of fun, and it keeps getting married,  So spreading culture, destroying our culture “, then Claudius ordered that” Go get hold of Valentin “, then his soldiers got hold of Valentin.  Claudius said to Valentin, “What wrong thing are you doing?”  You are spreading wrongdoing, bringing up the illiteracy “, Valentin said” I think it’s fine “, Claudius did not listen to one of them and he punished Valentin, what was the charge of the children.  Used to get married, meaning it was a crime to marry.  Claudius summoned all the children whom Valentin had married and in front of them, Valentin was hanged on 14 February 498 AD.  I do not know how many of you know that till 1950 AD, there was a tradition of hanging in the open ground in public all over Europe.  So the children who got married at the behest of Valentines were very sad and they all started celebrating Valentines Day on 14 February in sad memory of that Valentines, then Valentines Day is celebrated in Europe from that day.  This means that Valentines, who used to get married in Europe, as the king punished them, then Valentine’s Day is celebrated in his memory.  This was the history of Valentine’s Day and the basis behind it.

Now this Valentine’s Day has come to India where it is quite normal to get married, here if someone roams without marriage, it seems amazing or surprising, but in Europe, getting married is the most unusual thing.  Now this Valentine’s Day has come in our schools and is being celebrated with great pomp and our boys and girls here are giving Valentine’s Day cards to each other without thinking.  And the card which is written in it, “Would You Be My Valentine” which means “Will you marry me”.  Meaning that no one knows, they understand that we should give this card to those we love, then they give this card to their parents, they also give it to grandparents and not one or two.  They give these cards to ten or twenty people.  And big companies have been involved in this business, who have to sell greeting cards, who have to sell gifts, who have to sell sweets, and television channels have started promoting it.  The purpose behind writing all this is that if you do the copy, you should also make a fool in it.  They usually do not have weddings and those who marry celebrate Valentine’s Day


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