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Dhola-Maru True Love story(Sad Love story)

Dhola-Maru True Love story(Sad Love story)

Sed Love story in hindi

Famous love story “Dhola-Maru”

The soil of Rajasthan is famous for heroic valor and sacrifice.  The stories of the warriors of this place are still heard with great pride.  Not only are the stories of heroes but they also have many love stories on Vasundhara, which are still very popular today.  Here, once a prostitute challenged the entire Sultanate for her love, sometimes a king was reduced to a maid.  But today we are telling you the most popular love story of Rajasthan which is famous in history as the love story of ‘Dhola-Maru’.  Even today, this loving couple is mentioned in folk songs.

Salahkumar, the three-year-old son of Raja Nal of Narwar, was married in childhood to the daughter of Panwar Raja Pingal, the lord of a hideout named Pungal of Janglu country (Bikaner).  Since both were still very young, the bride was not taken to her in-laws.

The prince was married to another when he grew up.  By now, the prince had forgotten about his childhood marriage.  On the other hand, the Rajkumari of Jangloo country was now Sayani and her beauty had started going far and wide.  The parents sent Narvar many messages to carry him, but none of the messages reached the prince.

The prince’s second wife used to get the message carriers sent by King Pingal killed by jealousy.  He feared that if the prince remembered anything about the first wife, he would leave her and go to the first one.  The biggest reason for this was the beauty of the first princess.

On the other hand, the princess was lost in the dreams of Salhkumar.  One day Salhakumar came in her dream after which she started burning in the fire of disconnection.  He was not interested in food or any other work.  Seeing such a situation, his mother urged King Pingal to send a message again, this time King Pingal sent a clever Dholi to Narwar.

While Dholi was leaving for Narwar, the princess summoned him to him and made a couplets in the Maru raga and explained how to sing in front of his beloved.  All this was done because the second princess killed any messenger carrier before reaching the king.  The dholi (singer) promised the princess that he would either bring the prince or die there.

As a clever dholik yacht, he somehow reached the prince’s palace in Narwar.  At night he started singing in a loud voice.  During the rain showers, Dholi started singing in the Malhar raga.  The melodious music of the Malhar raga began to resonate in Rajkumar’s ears.

When he started to dance, Dholi sang the message of the princess in clear words.  Salhakumar was shocked when he heard the name of the princess in the song and he remembered his first marriage.  Dholi sang and told how beautiful her sweetie is.  And how many are there in his memory.

Dholi explained the beauty of the princess in couplets as something.  The glow of his face is like the light of the sun, the body shines like a golden peep from the linen cloth.  Elephant-like gait, diamond-like teeth, moong-like lips.  With many qualities, forgiving, meek and gentle, she is as fair as the Ganges water, her mind and body are superior.  But his brother-in-law has forgotten him and does not come to take him.

Dholi kept singing like this throughout the night, in the morning when the prince called him and asked, he told the full message of the princess brought from Pongal.  Finally, Salhakumar decides to go to Pungal to bring his first wife, but his second wife Malvani stops him.  He made many excuses but Malvani would stop him every time.

Finally one day the prince rode a very fast camel and reached Pungal to take his beloved.  The princess, burning in disconnection, wakes up happily meeting her beloved.  After all, he had found his love.  Both spent several days in Pongal.  The two got lost in each other.  One day both of them left King Pingal to go to Narwar.

It is said that the snake bitten the princess in the desert of the way, but Shiva Parvati came and donated her life.  But the troubles of both were not ending here, after which they got caught in the conspiracy to get the princess of Omar-Sumra.

Umar-Sumra wanted to get the princess by killing Salhkumar, so he sat down in his way, decorating the palace.  When Prince Salhakumar passed by there with his beautiful wife, Umar pleaded with her and stopped her.  The prince allowed the princess to sit on the camel and sat down with Omar to take the pamper of Amal.  (In desert areas, any guest is greeted or welcomed with opium, opium is said to be implemented)

Here, Dholi was singing and Rajkumar and Umar were taking opium.  Dholi, who came from Maru’s country, was very clever, he had the knowledge of the conspiracy of Omar Sumra.  Dholi secretly told the princess about this conspiracy.  The princess was also the daughter of the desert, she killed the camel’s ed.  When the camel started running, the prince ran to stop it, Maruwani said as soon as he came near – cheat is to climb the camel soon, he wants to kill you.

After this, both of them ran away from there and got killed only after reaching Narwar.  The princess was welcomed here and she began to rule as the queen there.

In history, this loving couple is known as Dhola Maru.  Since then, songs of his name have been sung loudly and his love is sung.

Some couplets sung by beard (dholi) to pluck the dhola –

Akhadiya Dumber Bhai, Nayan Gamaya cried.
Why in Sajan Pardes, Rahya Bindana Hoy ||

Eyes have become red, have lost their cry and cry, why has the bridegroom become alien in the world.

Dujjan bayan nor sambhari, mana nor visareh |
Kunjhan Lalbachah Jun, Khin Khin Chitareh ||

Do not expel him (Maruwani) from the mind by coming in the words of bad people.  Like the red children of the Kurjan bird, she remembers you moment by moment.  Her palms have blisters squeezed by tears soaked in tears.

Je thun sahiba na avio, the first teej
Bija Thane Jhabukdai, Mundh Merseys Tizzy ||

If you do not go before the Teej of Saavan, then that Mugdha will die after seeing the glow of lightning  Your form of maroon cannot be described.  Only those who do many virtues of previous births get such a woman.

Namani, Khamani, Bahuguni, Sukomli Sukchh |
Gori Ganga Neer Jeen, Mana Garvi Tan Good ||

Has many qualities, forgiving, meek and soft, Gauri like water of Ganges, his mind and body are superior.

Gati Gayand, Thigh Grab, Kehri Jimmy Cut Link.
Heer Dasan Viprabha Adhar, Marvan Bhrkuti Mayank ||

There are tricks like elephant, teeth like diamonds, lips like moong.  Your Marvani has a lion-like waist, the moon-like friar.

I am addicted to light, maroon face brush.
Jhinan cloth paran, as Jhankai Sobran ||

The mouth of Marvani is brighter than the sun, the body shines like it is in a yellow cloth.


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