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haunted house- Horror story in english

haunted house- Horror story in english

Horror story in english 

Today’s story is Horror story in english. this story name is  Haunted house. i hop you like this story. so, read and enjoy this story.

haunted house

 Fear or fear cannot be seen, it can only be felt.  Fear is a feeling, this experience can happen to the person anytime, any time.  It is not that fear cannot be overcome.  There is an old saying that a person becomes successful only by conquering his fear.  However, we will not discuss fear with you here, but will make you talk about fear.  Today we are going to make you aware from a house that just by looking at you, you will start trembling with fear.  Bhangarh: Fort where the sun begins to wane, terror of spirits and ghosts

 Yes, even though such things may seem imaginary to you in the 21st century, it is true.  The Ganges Chumbi buildings on St. Mark’s Road in Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, will surely attract your attention amidst a very deserted and heart-wrenching house amidst popular brands and expensive restaurants.  If the people around them believe, then this house is deserted and there is a camp of ghosts and ghost spirits.

 If you look at this house carefully, you will find that today this huge house has been transformed into a ruins, around which dense trees and thickets, besides small living creatures have encamped.  In the parking lot of this house you will see an old car which is more scary than this house, it is said that the soul of the mistress of that house still lives in this car.

 According to the people living near this haunted house, there were two influential women of the area, Dalsi and Vera Vaz.  It is also said that since this house was in the middle and posh place of the city, the land mafia was also looking at this house and they tried everything on their behalf to sell Vera Vaz but they  Not sold

 So in 2001, these land mafias killed Vera Vaz and made her sister disappear as well. The thing is that whenever the land mafia wants to sell this house, the buyer has faced some problems.  .  It is also told that this house is empty since 2001 and those passing through it have often felt strange poor things here during the night.

 As we told you above that this house also has an old car, so now when you look at this house carefully, this car will surely attract your attention to the Hillman Minks.  After watching this house and car, you will feel as if you are watching an old Hindi movie where a house and car is trying everything on its behalf to scare you.

 The neighbors of Vera Vaz say that they loved their car and even today, often the vehicle starts automatically at night and sounds like closing its door are heard.

 So now after reading this story, if you want to see it, then come to St. Mark’s Road in Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka and ask anyone, that person will easily give you the address of this house without any problem.


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