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King Dushyant and Shakuntala’s love (Love story)

King Dushyant and Shakuntala’s love (Love story)

Love story in english

This is a love story in english. Best story of love this is a short love story. people are like to read short love stories.
this story name is  king Drushyant and sakuntala’s love. i hop you this story.

King Dushyant and Shakuntala’s love

 Once Hastinapur King Dushyant went to play forest.  The forest where he went for hunting was the ashram of Kanva Rishi.

 Maharaj Dushyant reached his ashram to see Kanva Rishi.  On calling, a very lavish girl left the ashram and said, “O Rajan!  Maharishi has gone on a pilgrimage, but you are welcome in this ashram. ”Seeing that girl, Maharaj Dushyant asked,“ Balike!  Who are you? “The girl said,” My name is Shakuntala and I am the daughter of Kanva Rishi. “Hearing that girl, Maharaj Dushyant was surprised and said,” Maharishi is a born celibate then how are you his daughter? ”  In response to this question Shakuntala said, “Actually my parents are Maneka and Vishwamitra.  My mother left me in the forest when I was born, where a bird named Shakunta protected me.  That is why my name was Shakuntala.  After that the sight of Kanva Rishi fell upon me and he brought me to his ashram.  He was the one who fed me.  One who gives birth, one who gives nourishment and one who gives food – all three are called fathers.  Thus Kanva Rishi became my father. ”

 Hearing Shakuntala’s words, Maharaj Dushyant said, “Shakuntale!  You are a Kshatriya girl.  Seeing your beauty, I have given my heart to you.  If you do not have any kind of objection, I want to marry you. ”Shakuntala was also fascinated with Maharaj Dushyant, so he gave his approval.  Both got married to Gandharva.  Maharaja Dushyant spent some time in the forest, while staying with Shakuntala.  Then one day he said to Shakuntala, “Dear!  Now I have to leave Hastinapur to see my kingdom.  On returning from the pilgrimage of Maharishi Kanva, I will take you away from here and take you to your Raj Bhavan. ”Saying this, Maharaj gave Shakuntala his gold ring as a token of his love and went to Hastinapur.

 One day Durvasa Rishi came to his ashram.  Shakuntala did not even know of his arrival due to being absorbed against Maharaja Dushyant and did not welcome Durvasa Rishi properly.  Durvasa Rishi considered it his insult and in anger said, “Balike!  I curse you that someone you have humiliated me by forgetting will forget you. ”Hearing the curse of Durvasa Rishi, Shakuntala’s attention was broken and she fell at his feet and started praying for forgiveness.  Surprised by Shakuntala’s pardon prayer, Durvasa Rishi said, “Well, if you have a love sign with him, then you will be able to see that sign.

 After some time Kanva Rishi returned from pilgrimage, then Shakuntala told him about his Gandharva marriage with Maharaj Dushyant.  Maharishi Kanva said, “Daughter!”  It is not appropriate for a married girl to stay in the father’s house.  Now your husband’s house is your home. “Having said this, the Maharishi sent Shakuntala with his disciples to Hastinapur.  While walking in a lake on the way, the ring of Shakuntala given by King Dushyant, which was a love sign, fell in the lake itself.  A fish swallowed that ring.

 On reaching King Dushyant, the disciples of Kanva Rishi stood Shakuntala in front of him and said, “Maharaj!  Shakuntala is your wife, you accept it. ”Maharaj had forgotten Shakuntala due to the curse of Durvasa Rishi.  Therefore, he did not accept Shakuntala and started attacking him.  As soon as Shakuntala was insulted, lightning flashed in the sky and her mother Maneka took her away in front of everyone.

 The fish, which swallowed Shakuntala’s ring, got caught in a fisherman’s net one day.  When the fisherman bit him, a ring came out of his stomach.  The fisherman sent the ring to Maharaja Dushyant as an offering.  On seeing the ring, Maharaj remembered Shakuntala and repented of his act.  Maharaj found Shakuntala very much but did not find her.

 After a few days, after receiving the invitation of Devraj Indra, Maharaj Dushyant went to Indravati’s city Amravati to help him in the Devasur struggle.  After conquering the war, when he was returning to Hastinapur by sky route, he saw the ashram of Rishi Kashyap on the way.  They stayed there for their visions.  In the ashram, a handsome boy was playing with a fierce lion.  Maneka had left Shakuntala with the sage Kashyapa and that child was the son of Shakuntala.  Seeing that child, a feeling of love rose in the heart of Maharaj.  When he proceeded to lift her in the lap, Shakuntala’s friend shouted, “O gentle man!  You should not touch this child, otherwise a black dora tied in his arm will bite you. ”Even after hearing this, Dushyant could not stop himself and lifted the child in his lap.  Now Sakhi saw with surprise that the black goat tied in the child’s arm has fallen on the earth.  Sakhi knew that whenever his father would take the child in his lap, the black thread would fall to the earth.  Sakhi was happy and narrated the entire story to Shakuntala.  Shakuntala Maharaj came to Dushyant.  Maharaj recognized Shakuntala.  He prayed forgiveness to Shakuntala for his act and took the permission of Rishi Kashyapa and brought him along with his son to Hastinapur.  The name of Maharaja Dushyant and that son of Shakuntala was Bharata.  Later he became the great monarch of Bharata.  Our country was named after him.


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