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Mahindra-Moumal love story in english(Love story)

Mahindra-Moumal love story in english(Love story)

Love story in hindi

 Mahindra Moumal love story

Hamir Jadeja of Gujarat had come to his in-law Amarkot (Sindh).  He was married to the daughter of Rana Visalade Sodha of Amarkot.  The sons of Rana Visalade were Mahindra and Hamir, so both of them had a lot of time to play, eat, drink, hunt and have fun together.  One day both of them came near the Kak river in the state of Lodarwa while chasing a deer while hunting. Their hunting deer jumped into the Kak river to save their lives, thinking that the poor deer had taken refuge in the water.  What to kill  Quitting the hunt, as both of them looked here and there, they saw a beautiful garden and a double-storied window made in it.  Seeing such a beautiful place in this secluded place, both of them were happy.  Both of their horses descended into the river and crossed the river and entered the garden, seeing such a beautiful garden at this desolate place, they were surprised that such an oasis in their neighborhood!  Because till now both of them had heard discussions about such oasis with the merchants.

Hearing their voices, sitting in a puddle, Mumal peeped down from the window and saw two beautiful young men with long black hair hanging on their necks, a mustache stretched to their eyebrows, wide chest and fleshy arms.  Mumal immediately called her maid and said – go down, ask the servants to hold the horses of these chieftains and make arrangements to stay in them, both seem to belong to a good Rajput house, may have forgotten the way.

On the order of Mumal, the servants made arrangements for the comfort of both, feeding them.  Then a friend of Mumal came and asked about the introduction of both.  Hamir introduced himself and Mahindra and asked, whose friend are you?  Who is this beautiful garden and venerable Medi?  And who are we guests of?

Mumal’s friend said- “Didn’t you hear the name of Mumal? Didn’t hear the discussion of her? Mumal who is famous in the whole of Maadh (Jaisalmer) country in the name of Jagapyari Mumal. As a whole, this state is smelling whose qualities  This Kak river is singing every now and then. This jagged and beautiful garden is of the same mumal who lives alone here with her friends. ”  After saying that the friend went away.

Just then, the hairdresser came up to take a platter of food – the barber started saying – “Sardar, what do you ask about the mumal? There is no cross of her form and qualities. When she sees her form in the mirror, the glass breaks.  The moon comes blushing and hides in the clouds. She has a paste of camphor and oysters on her walls, oysters are gnawed on her fingers every day, she bathes daily with milk of mind, sandal paste on the body  The Rati | Muml this is different from the world God created not so second | ”

Saying that the barber started saying- “Akhan the virgin mumal, is immersed in her own raga color away from the men. One to one beautiful, brave, virtuous, rich, young, king, prince came to marry Mumal, but Mumal did her more  Not even seen it, he did not like anyone. Mumal has vowed that he will marry her who will win her heart, otherwise the whole life will remain a virgin. ”

In a while, Mumal’s friend came and said that Mumal has called one of you.

Hamir asked his brother-in-law Mahendra to go, but Mahindra said to Hamir- first you.

Leaving Hamir near the Medi, Saheli said – “Come inside you! Mumal is waiting for you.”

As soon as Hamir reached the square, he saw a lion sitting in front of him blocking his path and when he saw another, he saw a dragon sitting on the road.  Hamir thought that Mumal is a witch and would have created an oasis and killed men in her trap.  He immediately returned to the opposite foot and came out of the square.

By the time Hamir and Mahindra spoke to you, Mumal’s friend came and started saying to Mahindra, come, Mumal is waiting for you.

Mahindra, wearing his tunic and spear in his hand, started following the friend.  Saheli also left him in the square like Hamir, Mahindra also saw the lion sitting in the square blocking the way, he immediately took his spear and attacked the lion with full speed.  The lion rolled on the ground and the straw in his skin came out.  Mahindra smiled at seeing that Mumal was taking her test.  Just then, he was seen sitting in front of the dragon, Mahindra broke that straw-filled dragon with his sword.  In the next square, Mahindra was seen to be full of water, Mahindra put a spear in the water to measure the depth of the water, then the sound of the sound came. Mahindra understood that what he understood as water is glass floor.

After crossing the glass floor and climbing the stairs, Mahindra entered Mumal’s Medi and stood in front of Mumal, who was stunned on seeing this.  Mumal looked like lightning flashed in a black cloud, black hair as long as the black serpent was rolling from the head to the ground.  The champagne-like casts, very beautiful eyes, looked as if the item was full of cups, the color of a kundan-like body, the chest like a mold, the stomach like a peepal leaf, the limbs and the limbs were swollen.  Be

Seeing this form of mumal, it spontaneously came out of Mahindra’s mouth – “There will not be such an idol in any temple, nor will there be such a form in the royal residence of any king.”  Mahindra kept looking at Mumal as a cheat.  His eyes were staring at Mumal’s face, and another was saying in Mumal’s mind – what is faster on this young man’s face and Nayan Nayan kya dagger |  The eyes of both of them were such that they were not even taking the name of removal.

After all, Mumal looked down and welcomed Mahindra, both of them talked a lot, in the talks, both did not know when they gave heart to each other, nor did they know when the night was over and when the morning sun came out  |

On the other hand, Hamir could not sleep with Mahendra thinking that he did not sleep.  As soon as morning, he sent a message with the barber, called Mahindra and asked him to walk.  Mahindra did not feel like leaving Mumal and walking back, but say to Mumal – “I will come again and again, see you again and again.”

Both left from there, Hamir went to his homeland and Mahindra went to his kingdom Amarkot.

Promising to come back from Mumal, Mahindra left for Amarkot, but on the whole, he could not see anything other than Mumal, he was just humming it –
Mhari Madhechi A Moumal, Hale Nee Amrane Des |

“My motherland country, come with me to Amarkot.”

Mahendra reached Amarkot, his day would have been cut in some way, but in the evening, he would start seeing Mumal as much as he would try to convince his mind, the more Mumal’s memories would increase.  He used to think how to reach Lodwera and join Mumal.  After all, suggest to him that a camel should be found in your camel hamlet, which can go to Lodwera overnight and come back to Amarkot in the morning.

When he called his Raika Ramu (a camel grazer), Ramu Raika said that there is a camel named Chital in his hamlet which runs very fast and he can easily bring it to Lodvera at night before dawn.  |  Then what was Ramu Raika decorating the Chital Camel in the evening and bringing it to Mahendra and riding on the Mahendra Chital, Ed reached the Lodra Mumal.  The third strike Mahendra then climbs on the chital and reaches Amarkot before dawn.

Mahendra was married and had seven wives.  On coming back from Mumal, he would fall asleep with the youngest wife, thus his routine continued for seven to eight months, in these months he did not even meet the other wives, so they all got jealous of the youngest daughter-in-law and  One day, he went and complained to his mother-in-law on this matter.  The mother-in-law explained to the younger daughter-in-law that even the other wives have been married to Mahindra, they are also entitled to it, so do not stop Mahindra from going to them.  Then Mahindra’s younger wife told her mother-in-law that Mahindra comes to her every morning before dawn and falls asleep as soon as she talks to him.  When do they go, how do they go, why do they go, I do not know anything.

On hearing the matter of the younger daughter-in-law, Mahindra’s mother was suspicious and she told this to her husband Rana Visalade.  The clever Visalade asked the younger daughter-in-law that when Mahindra comes, there is something special in it.  The younger daughter told that when Mahindra arrives at the last stroke of the night, his hair is wet, out of which water is dripping.

The clever Visalade instructed the daughter-in-law that today keep a bowl under her hair and collect the water dripping from her wet hair and bring it to me.  Bahu did the same and the water collected in the bowl appeared in front of the whistle.  Visalade tasted the water and said- “This is the water of the river Kak, it means that Mahindra must have gone to Mumal’s mendi.”

The seven wives of Mahindra heard the name of Mumal as if caught fire.  They consulted each other to find out how Mahendra goes there.  When he came to know that Mahendra was riding on a camel named Chital, he went to Mumal the next day, he broke the feet of Chital’s camel so that Mahindra could not go near Mumal without him.

At night, when Ramu did not bring Raika Chital, Mahindra went to his house where he came to know that Chital’s wives had broken their legs, then he asked Ramu for another camel like Chital.

Ramu said – “There is a toddy (small camel) with a fast running in his hamlet, so he is not as well-versed and experienced as Chital due to his young age. You should take him but be careful not to raise the whip before him.  , It flashes as soon as the whip is high and starts running wherever its mouth is, then it is very difficult to stop it.

Mahindra started riding on Tordi and started leaving for Lodruva, but due to the restlessness of meeting Mumal, he forgot not to raise the whip and Tordi got edged up and raised the gallop and in the dark night, Mahindra did not even know the way.  When he reached where he was, he saw a burning flame given to Mahindra in a hut and when he asked about that area, it came to know that he was from Lodra  Interior Badhmer has already reached |  When Mahindra reached Lodruva by asking the way, the third stroke of the night had passed.  Mumal had fallen asleep waiting for her, her lamp was burning.  On that day, Mumal’s sister Sumal also came in Mendi and was eyeing both of them.  The two sisters played games till late night with friends. Sumal acted as a man wearing men’s clothes in the game.  And she used to talk and slept with him on the bed of a man in his clothes.

Mahindra climbed the stairs of Mumal as soon as she entered Mumal’s room and saw that Mumal was sleeping with a man.  On seeing this scene, Mahindra felt as if he had been bitten by thousands of scorpions simultaneously.  The whip held in his hand fell and he returned to Amarkot quietly without saying anything to the feet from which he had come.  That mind kept thinking that the model for which I was ready to give up my life was like that.  For which I have come from far away, but she will sleep with the man.  Damn such a woman.

As soon as the eyes opened in the morning, as Mumal’s eye fell on the whip left by Mahindra’s hand, she understood that Mahendra had come, but might have been angry with something. Many fantasies kept coming in his mind.

For many days, Mumal waited for Mahindra to come and when he comes, all misconceptions will be cleared.  But Mahindra did not come.  Mumal faded in her disconnection, she stopped adorning. She also stopped drinking and drinking, her body like kanchan started turning black.  He wrote many letters to Mahindra, but Mahindra’s wives did not let those letters reach Mahindra.  After all Mumal summoned a dholi (singer) and sent it to Mahendra.  But he too was not allowed to meet Mahindra.  But somehow he managed to reach near Mahendra’s palace and that night, the dholi started singing in the mandha raga –

“Without you, Sodha Rana, this earth is misty
Your model is sad
At the invitation of mumal
Really dear Mahendra, now come home. ”

Even after listening to the manh by Dholi, Mahindra did not feel heartbroken and sent to Dholi saying – “Tell Meumal neither I am a hunk of form nor a worm of lust. I have seen his character that night with my eyes  Stay with the one with whom he is intimate. I have no relationship with him now. ”

After listening to all the talk by Dholi, the ground under Mumal’s feet slipped, now he understood why Mahendra did not come.  Mumal did not even think in her dream that she would feel such a stigma.

He immediately got the chariot ready to go to Amarkot so that he could go away from Amarkot to meet Mahindra and said that he was not a Kalkini and none other than him.

Seeing the request of Mumal to come and meet in Amarkot, Mahindra Mahindra thought, perhaps Mumal is holy, I think I have got a misunderstanding.  And he sent a message to Mumal that he would come to see her in the morning.  Mumal got hope from this message.

At night, Mahendra thought, “See, how much does Momal love me?”

So in the morning he taught his servant and sent him to Mumal’s camp.  The servant rushed to Mumal’s tent and started saying – “Mahindra ji was bitten by a black serpent in the night which led to his death.”
On hearing this from the servant’s mouth, the pummel fell on the earth after falling and as soon as Mahindra broke his life in isolation.


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