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Meerabai’s love for Krishna (True Love story)

Meerabai’s love for Krishna (True Love story)

True Love story in english

 Meerabai’s love for Krishna

Such an image of Krishna was settled in Meerabai’s Balman that from puberty till death, Meera Bai considered Krishna as her own.

Mirabai, the only daughter of Rathore Ratan Singh of Jodhpur, was born in the sixteenth century.  Since childhood, she was immersed in devotion to Krishna.  Meerabai’s Krishna love reached its peak due to a childhood incident.  One day in Meerabai’s childhood, a procession was held at some neighborhood in her neighborhood.  All the women were standing on the roof and watching the procession.  Meerabai was also watching the procession.

Seeing the procession, Meera asked her mother, who is my groom?  On this, Mirabai’s mother pointed to the statue of Krishna and said that she is your bride.  This thing was tied like a knot in Meera Bai’s Balman.  Later, Meerabai was married to Bhojraj, son of Maharana Sanga.  At first, for this marriage, Meerabai refused, but on insisting she started crying bitterly and at the time of farewell, she took the same idol of Krishna with her which her mother had told her as her bride.  Meera Bai had shown unique love and devotion by abandoning shame and tradition.

Her husband died ten years after marriage.  After the death of her husband, many in-laws were persecuted at her in-laws.  His brother-in-law, Rana Vikramjit, did not mind the visit of saints and saints to him.  After devotion to her husband, her devotion increased day by day.  They used to go to temples and dance in front of the idol of Krishnaji in front of the devotees present there.

It is said that seeing Meerabai’s Krishna love and due to public shame, Meerabai’s in-laws did many tricks to kill her but all failed.  after being frustrated by this behaviour of family members she went to Dwarka and Vrindavan.  Where Mirabai used to go, she was respected by the people.  Meerabai was so lost in her devotion to Krishna that she started dancing while singing hymns.

Meerabai has given a new dimension to devotion.  A place where God is the human being.  All the greed of the world cannot distract from her fascination.  Mirabai remained a recluse even after being a well-known king.  Meeraji’s devotion to Krishna has been a unique example.

Someone like me Giridhar Gopal
Go to the head, crown the crown, and my husband slept.
Some people say that the family of Chhandi Dai Kul
Sant laughed and lost the world.
Ansuvan water irrigation water love seed.
Left Dadhi Mathi Ghrit Kadhi Liau Dari Dai
Brother agreed to see Bhagat, wept looking at the world.
Meera Lal Giridhar Taro now maid.

It is said that Meerabai was absorbed in Ranchodji.  No facts have been clarified regarding the death of Meerabai till date.

There is a belief that the feeling of love towards Sri Krishna in Mirabai was the love of birth after birth.  It is believed that Meera was a gopika of Vrindavan (Mathura) in her previous birth.  In those days she used to be one of Radha’s leading friends and loved Lord Krishna in her heart.  He was married to a cow.  Even after marriage, Gopika’s Krishna love did not end.  When the mother-in-law came to know about this, they locked her in the house.  Gopika gave up her life in the yearning to meet Krishna.  Later, in 1504 AD in Merta village near Jodhpur, Gopika was born as Meera, the house of Rathore Ratan Singh.  Meerabai has also mentioned the love of birth after birth in another couple of couplets.

“Akul distraught firu ran day, virah kaleja khay॥
Day neither hunger and sleep, no rain, no words of face
When I say something, I do not say anything, together we extinguish the heat.
Why should you wish to be entertained, please meet your lord.

Meera Dasi Janam Janam Ki, Pari Tumhare Paya 4 “Meerabai also has another legend related to the origin of love towards Sri Krishna. According to this statement, once a monk came to Meera’s house. Meera’s age at that time was about 5-  Was 6 years old. Meera’s mother served food to the monk. The monk took out the idol of Shri Krishna from his bag and offered it to him first. Meera was standing with her mother watching the scene.  So was the statue of Rishn became engrossed in love with Meera Krishna since it went missing all things of their own past lives..


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