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Old True Love Story kanval-kehar(Love story)

Old True Love Story  kanval-kehar(Love story)

Old True Love story In hindi

Kanwal-Kehar ‘historical love story

The history of Rajasthan is known for its true tales of valor as well as Anuthi love stories.  There are many love stories prevalent here, but only a few of them are successful in writing their names on the pages of history.  One such story is that of the daughter of a prostitute from Marwar who defied the king’s order.  He was so confident in his love that he turned down the king’s offer regardless of the punishment.

This love story is very famous all over Rajasthan.  The heart of the King of Gujarat, Mahmud Shah, fell on Kanwal, the daughter of Jawahar Patur who came from Marwar.  The ghost of Kanwal’s beauty was riding on him.  He tried to convince Kanwal and said, “Listen to me, come to me. I will give you the estate of two lakh rupees a year and these diamonds and jewels in front of you will also be yours.” Saying this, the king lost the diamond necklace of Kanwal.  Tried to put on the neck.

Instead of being happy with this behavior of the king, Kanwal registered his displeasure and threw away the diamond necklace.  His mother was a prostitute named Jawahar Patur.  He apologized to the emperor for his actions.  The mother explained a lot to the daughter that he should obey the king and go to her, you will rule over Gujarat.  But Kanwal flatly refused to his mother.  She told the mother that she loves “Kehar”.  No king of the world is of any use to him.

Kanwar Kehar Singh Chauhan was the vassal of “Baria”, a small manor under Mahmud Shah and Kanwal loved him.  His mother explained very much that you are the daughter of a prostitute, you cannot become a family man.  But Kanwal made it clear that “How can that jackal Mahmud, who puts an arm in the neck of a lion like Kehar, be embraced?”  When the king came to know about this, he was furious.  He orders Kanwal to be imprisoned.

The emperor also announced that the man who imprisoned Kehar would confiscate his fief but who would compete with a Rajput warrior like Kehar.  Yet one of his feudatories present in the court Jalal came forward, he had a small estate, so he took this greed in greed.  On the pretext of playing Holi, she summoned Kehar to the palace and conspired and imprisoned him so that Kanwal would be saddened to see the miserable condition of her lover.

Kanwal used to feed Kehar in a cage every day.  One day Kanwal brought a katari and a small saw to Kehar.  At the same time, Tunna, the slave of Kehar, fainted the cannabis that poisoned Faluda Khan, stationed there for safety.  Meanwhile, Kehar was freed by cutting the door of the cage and came out with his companions.  Due to the seizure of the jagir, Kehar met with Gango Bhil, the head of a frontier village in Mewar and narrated the incident.  Gango Bhil promised to give full support to the Bhils of sixty villages under him.

After Kehar left, the king sent several warriors to kill Kehar, but all were killed.  Meanwhile, the emperor received the news that one blow of Kehar’s sword cut Jalal to pieces.  The more stories he heard about Kanwal Kehar, the happier he was and seeing him happy, the more angry the king was, but what a poor thing he could do.  None of his feudatories and warriors dared to capture or kill Kehar.

Chhagana was the maid of the barber’s sister Kanwal. One day Kanwal wrote a letter and sent it to the hand of Chhagana Barber.  Kehar read Kanwal’s message- “Marwar’s businessman Mundhra’s procession is coming to Ahmedabad from Ajmer, do not rob it on the way and change your dress to Ahmedabad with the same procession. I will send you another message when you arrive.”

Kehar and his four companions joined the procession in the procession on the Ajmer Ahmedabad route, which was under the control of Kehar Jogi. All four of his Rajput companions were armed.  Kanwal changed his attitude towards the emperor but even after going close he would not let Mahmud Shah touch his body.  Kanwal sent his maid to see the procession and explained the whole plan to Kehar.

Even before reaching the procession, Kanwal said to the king – “Hazrat Kehar has no idea where I could have survived you, I am also tired waiting for him. Now my place is at your feet. But I am  I will not be your friend if you really want me, then you will have to marry me and I have to accept some of the conditions regarding marriage. ”
Kanwar Terms
1- Marriage should be on the day of Mundhra’s procession.
2- Marriage should be according to Hindu ritual.  Vinayak sat, the song of Mars should be sung, all night long.
3- On the day of the wedding, my camp should be in a lofty dome.
4- When you reach the dome, fireworks go off, guns are dropped, drums.
5- There should be no restriction for those who see my marriage and my mother Jawahar Patur can sit in the Buland Dome sitting in the palanquin.

In her beauty, the mad king accepted all her conditions.  On the day of the wedding, the daughter of Kanwal, Kanwal, came to take the palanquin to her tent to take Jawahar Patur, there she was already ready to be equipped with weapons and plan.  Put the curtains of the sedan.  On reaching the Buland Dome of the palanquin, Kanwal hid Kehar there by removing all the men from there.

Within a short time, the king reached the lofty dome, sitting on the elephant and prostrating.  As soon as Mahmud Shah entered the Buland Dome, fireworks started outside and the loud Dumbaj trembled with a loud thud on the drum.  Then Kehar came out and he challenged the king – “Today, see who the lion is and who the jackal is? You have cheated me a lot, so today I will fulfill my promise by killing you.”

Both warriors crowded, both fought fiercely.  There was a fight between the two.  Due to the explosion of their feet, the dome started to vibrate, but due to the fireworks outside, no one could know what was happening inside.  Since Kehar Malla was also proficient in the war, he crushed Mahmud Shah with his strong knees in a short time and the fountain of blood escaped from the emperor’s mouth and his life ended in no time.

Maid Tunna put the curtain of Kehar and Kanwal sitting in the palanquin and ordered the Kahars and the soldiers that – Jawahar Bai’s palanquin is ready, bring it to their camp and the king will sit with Kanwal in the same elevated dome tonight.  Kahar and the soldiers reached the tent of Jawahar Bai carrying the sedan, where Kehar’s partner, Sangji, was tight-lipped on the horses.  Kehar took Kanwal and Sangji made Tunna sit on horses with him and started walking.  Kahar and the royal soldiers who came to leave Jawahar Bai kept staring at each other.


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