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Real Love Story in Short Collaction Of Love stories

Real Love Story in Short Collaction Of Love stories

Real love story in Short

When the feeling of love happened

 It was a long time ago that a boy fell in love with a girl.  That boy used to visit that girl every day but that girl did not love that boy.

That girl said to the boy every time that she does not want to fall in love with this love.  But the boy was very stubborn, he did not agree and used to meet his girl every day with some excuse.  One day the boy grabbed the girl’s hand and expressed his love but this time again the girl turned down his love and she said to that boy – I don’t want to see your love, is your face?

The boy said to the girl – within the next ten days, you will personally agree to love me.  This is my promise

The boy stood in front of his house in the sun in the rain day and night.  The girl used to watch him daily from the terrace.

When no days had passed, the girl really felt the love of the boy and she thought that tomorrow morning i.e. on the tenth day, I will accept love from that boy.

When she went out of the house to meet the boy in the morning, that boy did not find her there and found a paper on it which was written – Your beautiful and beautiful sister has fallen in your affair, so now I have no need to express your sister in law.  Forgive me if I can …

 Then friendship wins over love

Once there was a boy.  One day, suddenly that boy’s health worsened.  He felt that his end time had come to a close.

The boy thought that he should inform his lover before dying, so he messaged his girlfriend 5 minutes before he died.  It was written in that message – I am going to answer quickly.

His girlfriend read the message and sent back the message.  In which it was written – Where are you going?  Well do it wherever you go.  Now I am busy talking later.

He was very sad after reading this message and then he sent another message to his friend.  The same words were also written in that message – I am going to answer quickly.

The friend immediately sent back the message, in which it was written – Abe, bastard, where are you going alone, you stay here,

After reading this, that boy smiled and said – Today again friendship won over love.

 Stalked behind a girl

I have my B.A.  After completing his studies, I came to Noida near Delhi with a friend of my village in search of a job!  I soon got a job as a Compuer operater in MultiNational Company, then rented a room and rented a house in which it was a three-floor house!  And I used to live on the topmost floor. One day when I went to the terrace and started walking here and there, then suddenly my eyes went to the next terrace, then I saw a girl watching me with great love, I also started to see her after a while.  She smiled and left!  I felt like maybe she was doing it like me! I don’t know why I would like to see that girl again and again and then I used to go to my terrace every day to see her, she also used to come to see me.  !  Like this, it continued for 6 months, then somehow I found out the name of that girl, that girl’s name was ‘yy’!  She was doing BSC and was doing computer course together!  When she returned from her computer class in the evening!  Whenever I came from duty, I used to wait for him to see him, but I would never talk to him!  We would not dare to talk!

I wanted to love him so much that he was lost in his memory all the time, whether it was day or night, his face was visible all the time. I was so mad in the love of ‘yy’!  I was not able to work properly in my company and every day I used to eat my Bose data and used to threaten me to quit every day!  I do not know which disease I had felt, but I could not say ‘yy’ from my heart till now, I had been doing so for 2 years and I could not even express my love till now!  Loved and was afraid to say it too!  I was so mad that I knew ‘yy’ that I like and love him, one day suddenly called me in ‘yy’ temple, I thought maybe she wanted to tell me something that I want to say, today  I was also thinking that today I will tell my heart!  Good chance!  Then I started waiting for ‘yy’ by going to the temple from the beginning, then after a while ‘yy’ came, I was very happy to see ‘yy’!  When ‘yy’ came to me and said hi how is ‘xx’, I am fine, how are you ‘yy’ bidding!  Then ‘yy’ said to me ‘xx’ I have called you to know that I see that you have been following me for 2 years ‘xx’ Do you know that I do not love you?  I am very disappointed as soon as ‘yy’ says this to me and I got thinking, after a while, I said to ‘yy’, I did not know that your partner does not love me,

But I love and love you so much, I LOVE YOU ‘yy’ so much while saying ‘yy’ I started saying to me love is not from one side ‘xx’ love is from both sides, why waste your future behind me  Yes I am ‘yy’ I love you, and you are talking about the future, I am not able to live without you, every moment I am lost in your memories’ yy’- ‘xx’ I do not love you  I just love my future, don’t follow me after today  No, then ‘xx’ will not be good for you, I – ‘yy’ will my love last even longer! ‘Yy’ – ha ‘xx’ Verry sorry take care of yourself, saying that she left, and I would  What would we have done, weeping with sadness, came to my room, yet I had never received such a huge pain in my life!  ‘yy’ got angry with me in a moment and got away from me friends. I LOVE you to hear these three words and kept wandering back and forth and was ready to die if needed!  For these three words, his shadow became his beats and his sauce wanted to be near him!  But after losing my everything for these three words, I have become mad today, it is ten months enough to know whether a boy or a girl is in the stomach, but it took me two years to know what was in his heart.  Gone, but the mistake is not of ‘yy’ mine!  To know whether there is love in a girl’s heart, one hour a day is enough for a year,

But how crazy I have been following him for two years, but I am not the only one who is the victim of this crazy fire, there are millions of young people like me who are crores in Marina Breeze in Park State, Kolkata in the Marine Track of Mumbai.  Or every city in Karnat Place in Delhi is roaming madly for true love in every street!  But no girl considers their heartfelt true love!  Love makes a man mad, but he makes a man crazy like us.  I loved it when I fell in love with it!  Anyway, without knowing love, it is better to die than to forget that love. Friends, 2 years are enough in the life of a man, who has to make something for the time being, that 2 years I lost in a mad spell.  Friends who, like me, have fallen madly in love and have forgotten their responsibilities, perhaps what has come out of my heart, you should impress in the heart of people, friends, I do not want love like this!


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