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True Expirience Short Love stories

True Expirience  Short Love stories

Expirience short love stories

Hey Pagli, take your heart

A long time ago, a boy and a girl were very much in love with each other.  The girl always said to the boy – “My heart is with you”.

The girl hugged the boy and said – I can’t live without you.  One day that girl gets married to someone else.  After marriage, a gift comes to the girl, seeing the girl weeps a lot.  And faints.

There was a glass jug in the gift.  In that jug, the boy had a heart full of blood and a paper was affixed to it, “Hey Pagli, take your heart, what else would she give to her husband?”

 True lovers sacrifice everything in love

once upon a time.  There was a boy, he loved a girl very much.  But the girl was blind.  The boy took great care of the girl and always tried to keep her happy.

Whenever that boy met that girl, that girl would always say the same to the boy – if I had eyes, I would have seen you and married you to live with you all your life…

A few days later someone donated her eyes to that girl.  Now that girl could see comfortably, so the boy was very happy.  A few days after getting the eyes, the girl went to meet the boy and he saw that the boy is also blind.

The boy said that now you can see, so look at me with gusto and can we get married now?

The girl refused without thinking anything and said – No, how can I marry a blind man?

The boy smiled after listening to her and gave a letter in the girl’s hand and left there.

It was written in that letter- Always remain happy wherever you are and take care of my eyes ….

 true love has won

Both Krish and Nisha loved each other a lot.  Both of them had vowed to live and die with each other while stepping on the threshold of youth.
But at that time there was no new era like today.  Nisha was married to her parents on her own free will and Krush could not do anything.

On the other hand, the people of Krish’s house also married Krishna.  The girl was very beautiful but Krisha was crazy about Nisha, so there was no attachment to Kris in his wife.

Nisha was now busy with her family’s responsibilities and Krish was also living with her disliked girl.  Both of them had children in the family, but their views were not received by their spouse.  That is why there used to be disputes over small things on the day.

Later, both of them had fulfilled their responsibilities by marrying their children.  Now there was no other work left in the family other than fighting with their respective spouses.  Therefore, both of them had duly divorced from their spouse.

By then, a new era had also come and it was the era of internet and perhaps God too was approved here.  One day both Krish and Nisha connected to each other again through internet.  Without each other, both did not get rest.  It seemed that both of them must have had a relationship of previous birth.  Both used to talk on the net for hours.

Now one day that time also came that both were again tied in the formula of marriage.  Both of them no longer had the form and beauty of youth, but there was a lot of love in their hearts.  Both were very happy.  Because real love resides in the hearts and in the end true love wins.  Now both of them thanked God and said that your house is up late, but there is no darkness.


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