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Two Funny Moral Story in English

Two Funny Moral Story in English

Best Funny Stories in English

Hellow Friends Today I will provide to you Best 2 funny stories in english i hop you like this Funny stories

First story Name is How to Copy and Second Story Name is Donkey is Donkey only. So, read this stories and enjoy.

How to copy

 An eagle lived on the high peak of a mountain.  On the banyan tree in the foothills of the mountain, a crow lived his nest.

 That crow was very clever and cunning.  He always tried to get food without working hard.

 There were rabbits around the tree lair.  Whenever the rabbits came out, eagles would fly high and carry a few rabbits.

 One day the crow thought – ‘Well, these clever rabbits will not come in my hand, if I want to eat soft flesh, then I have to do it like an eagle.  Suddenly I will catch one by one swoop. ‘

 The next day the crow also flew high thinking of catching a rabbit.

 Then he snapped loudly like an eagle to catch the rabbit.  Now how could the crow fight the eagle.

 The rabbit saw him and immediately ran away and hid behind the rock.  The crow rammed into that rock in his own gust.

 As a result, his beak and neck were broken and he succumbed there.

 Education / Moral: – Even for copying, it is very important to have wisdom.

 Donkey is donkey only

 A lion lived in a forest.  The jackal was his servant.  The pair was good.  In the society of lions, that lion had no respect, because he had lost the war against all the other lions in his youth, so he was isolated.

 He was in dire need of a spoon like jackal, which kept on shining it round the clock.  The jackal needed just a jugaad to eat.  When the stomach is full, the jackal sings such qualities of the valor of that lion that the lion’s chest becomes twice as wide.

 One day the lion dared to hunt a spoiled wild bull.  The bull was very powerful.  He kicked and threw the lion away. When he was about to get up, the bull whipped and rubbed the lion with a tree.

 Somehow the lion ran to save his life.  The lion was greatly injured by the horns.  Many days have passed, but the lion’s wounds were not being named.  In such a condition he could not hunt.

 Hunting itself was not a matter of jackal.  Both of them were hungry.  The lion also feared that the jackal would not leave her as the food juga ended.

 The lion suggested to him one day, ‘Look, I can’t run because of the wounds.  How do I hunt?  You go and bring an animal here with some idiot.  I will hide in that bush.

 The jackal also got the idea of ​​a lion.  He roamed out of a town in search of some foolish animal and reached the river-pier.  There, he saw a small donkey mouthing the grass.  He looked stupid from the appearance.

 The jackal went near the donkey and said, ‘Pany implements uncle’.  You have become very weak, what is the matter? ‘

 The donkey cried his grief, ‘What can I tell brother, the washerman of which I am a donkey is very cruel.

 Carries carriage throughout the day and gives no feed. ‘

 The jackal invited him – ‘Chacha, come with me to the forest, there is a lot of green grass.  A lot of grazing will become your health. ‘

 The donkey fluttered its ears – ‘Ram-Ram.  How will I live in the forest?  Wild animals will eat me. ‘

 ‘Chacha, you probably do not know that there was a sage of Heron Bhagat in the forest.  After that all the animals have become vegetarian.

 Gidar said – Now no one eats anyone and taking the mouth near the ear and throwing a pimple, ‘Chachu, the poor donkey from a nearby town too was fed up with the atrocities of his washerman.

 Eating green grass there, she has been waved a lot, you should settle with her. ‘

 The donkey’s mind was filled with green grass and golden dreams of building houses.  He walked towards the forest with jackal.  In the forest, the jackal took the donkey to the same bush in which the lion was hiding.

 Before the lion hits the paw, the donkey is seen shining eyes like the lion’s blue lights in the bush.  He leapt in fear, ran away and ran away.

 The lion exclaimed in a loud voice – ‘Brother, this time I was not ready.  You bring him again, this time it will not be a mistake. ‘

 The jackal reached the town again in search of that donkey.

 On seeing him, he said- ‘Uncle, you got my nose cut.  You ran away afraid of your bride? ‘

 ‘I saw two glowing eyes in that bush, like a lion.  What do I do if I don’t run? ‘  The donkey complained.

 While playing the jackal, he beat his head and said- ‘Chacha o chacha!  You are also an idiot.  You had a bride in that bush.  Knowing how many births she was looking for you.

 When you saw him, his eyes flashed, did you consider him a lion? ‘

 The donkey was very ashamed – because the jackal’s trickery was just like that.  The donkey then walked with him.

 On reaching the bush in the forest, the lion killed him with pointed claws, thus gathering the food of lion and jackal.

 Education / Moral: – One should never do the foolishness of coming to the smooth talk of others.


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